On bodily writing

What does it mean to write? The written word flows from the fingertips unbeknownst to the author. An act of creation that does not have its origin in the intellect but from elsewhere. Philosophy relegates itself to the realm of the conceptual; an attempt to make clear the ambiguities that permeate a life and an identity. What does it mean to have idea? From whence does creation spring? What is the meaning of action? And how does the act differentiate itself from the thought? Do they come from the same place?

Is creation the question or the answer? Maybe the moment of inspiration does not spark an idea but mere movement that intends to repeat the inspiration. Creation is not an act of individuality but rather a reinterpretation of universal sensation. A reproduction of the body into an object, a description, a movement not meant to dispel the ambiguity but emphasize it. In philosophy the goal is to argue, an opponent is made clear and there is ambiguity regarding the interpretation, not in the act itself. But to embody a moment is not to clear it, but to preserve its questions. It originates directly from the intimate engagement of oneself, of one’s body fully embedded in the world.

The artist and the creator is radically human such that she is perceived as alienated from humanity. Maybe she is. The goal is to bring movement back into the alienation that is itself fundamentally human. But in reaching towards the depths and creating something (or is it creating nothing?), she reaches deep into the anxious ambiguity that resists becoming voiced. A voicing of that which is common to experience yet inexpressible to many, that which is common to all yet resists any ability to be communicated. This process is not conscious, it is bodily.


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